Providing Security Solutions
for the Cannabis Industry


- Uniformed Security

- Asset Protection

- Surveillance Monitoring


Legal marijuana grow operations are often the most targeted locations for crime and theft. Due to the nature of the grow operation, secrecy and security are the best deterrents to potential thefts. Often these sites use only passive security measure like cameras and sensors but these measures are reactive and usually do not deter a crime. Only a security officer can provide an active security element to protect your investment. A single theft can wipe out an entire crop and potentially the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in finished product, but often a theft can damage other expensive property such as irrigation and lighting systems.


MPSI is the premier security firm providing security for legal marijuana grow sites and operations. Our officers are trained and vetted by MPSI to ensure professional and reliable security officers for your grow site or grow operation.

Grow locations are often larger operations with thousands of dollars of valuable equipment, plants and technology located in one facility. Thieves prefer to target grows and production facilities because of their secluded nature, low employee presence and lack of customer traffic. Adding a visible security presence can mean the difference between a robbery and a profitable harvest. A uniformed security officer adds an active security element to your overall security plan and compliments the CCTV and alarm systems already in place.

Why Security is needed at Grow Operations

  • Thefts can result in thousands of dollars of loss and damage to equipment
  • Compromised sites can often lead to follow-up crimes resulting in additional loss